filterFilter coffee update:  We will be wrapping up construction drawings in the next two weeks,  after which we will submit to the Department of Buildings and Health Department for permits.  Sandblasting just wrapped up and has taken off about fifty years of grime, check out the photos after the jump.

Also, Filter is on pace for LEED-CI, certified level!

We have identified some local sources for reclaimed wood planks (just up the street, as a matter of fact) we are planning to use for flooring and a ceiling finish.  The soft tones of the wood should juxtapose nicely with the exposed masonry walls.

filter_frontfacade filter_seating01 filter_checkout01

Filter is also planning to roast their own fair trade beans on site.  We are thinking about locating the roaster so everyone can check it out, but where it will not have an adverse impact on the noise level, those things tend to get jet-engine-like.

I’ll keep you updated on our LEED progress and finish material choices.