Want to be part of the Lakeview Area Master Plan project?  Here is your chance.  As part of the LAMP project and public open houses we are hosting a photo contest to help promote West Lakeview.

The photo competition for West Lakeview will breakdown into two categories:
1. Your Postcard: Best Promotional Picture of West Lakeview and
2. Favorite Biz: Best Picture of a Favorite Local Business.

Submit your entries on our Flickr page: http://www.flickr.com/groups/thisislakeviewcontest/

The contest will close December 1st. Early Favorites will be announced at an open house event on November 20th. The winner and finalists will be displayed at a second open house on December 3rd.

Submissions will be judged on the following criteria: composition and quality, ability to elicit an emotion from the viewer, creativity and showing people participating in activities within the West Lakeview area (Your Postcard contest) or highlighting what’s unique and special about a local business (Favorite Biz contest). You must tag your photos with “thisislakeviewcontest” and either “Postcard” or “FavBiz” depending on which competition you are submitting for. Please also include your zipcode in the description.

Prizes for the winners will be announced soon!