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Today marks the one year anniversary of the Lakeview Area Master Plan (LAMP) reveal. During the research phase of LAMP, the number one feature Lakeview residents expressed need for was more public space. One of our suggestions was to create the LowLine, sprucing up the currently dingy path below the Chicago Brown Line’s tracks with native plants and solar lamps to connect and beautify the neighborhood. More inside.

Thy Lakeview Area Master Plan (LAMP Flashback here) project has been bestowed with the American Planning Association award for community outreach AND top merit award from the International Downtown Association!!  Ah, most certain revelry will ensue filled with the finest spiced lamb shank, cloves, and hibiscus petals.  Big ups to our urban planning friends at PLACE Consulting!

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I came across this cool (and nerdy) Chicago SSA comparative map we put together for the LAMP project.  Discovery: Wicker Park-Bucktown SSA is huge.  Enjoy.

Moss reveals the Lakeview Area Master Plan to the Lakeview community and Chicago.  The master plan, in its entirety, is available here.

The Lakeview Area Master Plan (LAMP) will be revealed tonight, but there is one element that I think deserves special attention.

When research began on the project we were out surveying neighborhood inventory, like bike racks, streetscape environments, facade conditions, and public space.  After investigating we found that Lakeview contains only .2 acres of open space per 1000 residents (The ideal ratio is 2 acres per 1000 people).  This notion was reinforced during the public open houses and interview sessions when residents cried out for more public open space.  So where, in a dense, developed urban neighborhood do we find available land for public space?  We thought, let’s look for space on top of things and under things! Read the rest of this entry »

Six months of data collection, design, and hard work have been completed… the Lakeview Area Master Plan will be released to the public.  We will be presenting the plan Tuesday, March 15, 7p-9p at St. Luke’s Memorial Hall (1500 West Belmont Avenue) .  RSVP here.  Sneak peak renderings inside. Read the rest of this entry »

moss interviewed Lakeview business owners to investigate what they like (or don’t like) about the neighborhood, along with their vision for change.  Agree with their assessment? or Don’t?  Comment below.

Along with these business interviews, we are currently in the process of surveying residents and holding public open houses to gather more information for the upcoming community design process.

Change is coming to West Lakeview.  Stay tuned

Our first LAMP public open house brought in hordes of West Lakeviewians for a fun filled day of activities, community visioning, and croissants.  Here is what you missed.

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Have a favorite tree in West Lakeview?  How about a favorite business with a tree in front of it?  Enter the tree museum audio contest by submitting a recorded story to us.  The story could be made up or a true account, but should talk about the tree, its specific location, and mention two real, interesting and positive things about the businesses located around the tree.

Easy to enter, easier to win:
1. Select any tree on Southrport Avenue, Lincoln Avenue, or Belmont Avenue in the West Lakeview neighborhood

2. Record an audio story (30 seconds – 2 minutes) about the tree and the surrounding area.  The story could be made up or a true account, but should talk about the tree, its specific location, and mention two real, interesting and positive things about the businesses located around the tree.

3. Send the story to us by emailing to, with the subject line “tree museum contest”.  File should be no larger than 20MB and be in a .wav or .mp3 audio format.

The best stories collected thus far will be available for listening at the community open house on November 20 and December 03.  The winning story will receive naming rights to the tree and a gift certificate to the great independent toy store Building Blocks ($20 and $25) and our local tea house Julius Meinl ($20).  Second place receives a gift certificate to Building Blocks ($15) and Indira Salon and Spa ($25) All other story finalists will be condensed into a downloadable podcast which will be part of the West Lakeview tourism audio tour.

Want to be part of the Lakeview Area Master Plan project?  Here is your chance.  As part of the LAMP project and public open houses we are hosting a photo contest to help promote West Lakeview.

The photo competition for West Lakeview will breakdown into two categories:
1. Your Postcard: Best Promotional Picture of West Lakeview and
2. Favorite Biz: Best Picture of a Favorite Local Business.

Submit your entries on our Flickr page:

The contest will close December 1st. Early Favorites will be announced at an open house event on November 20th. The winner and finalists will be displayed at a second open house on December 3rd.

Submissions will be judged on the following criteria: composition and quality, ability to elicit an emotion from the viewer, creativity and showing people participating in activities within the West Lakeview area (Your Postcard contest) or highlighting what’s unique and special about a local business (Favorite Biz contest). You must tag your photos with “thisislakeviewcontest” and either “Postcard” or “FavBiz” depending on which competition you are submitting for. Please also include your zipcode in the description.

Prizes for the winners will be announced soon!

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